So Jealous was Tegan & Sara’s breakout album, as it established their unique, now-signature vocal style, included their first radio hit Walking With A Ghost, and launched the Canadian sisters’ first major tour. A decade later, Dutch duo Keljet (pictured) has delivered a pleasant blast to the past with their remix of Fix You Up, featured [...]
Tegan & Sara - Fix You Up (Keljet Remix)
Milwaukee has made his debut LessThan3 release with a brand new single titled Alone. Joined by remixers Amtrac, Keljet & FireFlowerz, this EP is a diverse, groove-laden and well-rounded present for the soul. After our last electro & dubstep release by Shapes of Light, our musical palette has expanded with an indie-dance package that will [...]
Milwaukee - Alone (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Milwaukee - Alone (Amtrac Remix) [LessThan3]
Milwaukee - Alone (Keljet Remix) [LessThan3]
Milwaukee - Alone (FireFlowerz Remix) [LessThan3]