As control of the bass music scene remains vulnerable during a recessive period, one label has acted with conviction and proven that the future of heavy bass music belongs to them, because they’re willing to take it–consider it an anniversary gift to themselves, the newly four-year-old Kannibalen Records. To help explain the degree to [...]
Black Tiger Sex Machine x Dabin - Break (Original Mix) [Kannibalen]
Apashe feat. Panther & Odalisk - No Twerk (VIP) [Kannibalen]
Lektrique feat. Panther - Spark (Original Mix) [Kannibalen]
Snails feat. Big Ali - King Is Back (Original Mix) [Kannibalen]
Montreal-based “vomitstep” producer Snails’ latest single is snarling banger King Is Back. Featuring rap vocals from New York City’s Big Ali, it’s a modern anthem wrapped in a throwback party vibe. ​ Funky dub breaks and frenetic kicks dominate the production’s build, while warping synths follow after the drop. Big Ali’s Fatman [...]
Snails feat. Big Ali - King Is Back (Original Mix) [Kannibalen]
How long since your last confession? Brussels-born, Montreal-based producer Apashe links up with fellow countryman Lektrique to pose the question in their hard-hitting electro collaboration Confess, and LessThan3 has the exclusive first listen. Following the success of his 2014 singles No Twerk, which spawned this bootylicious, [...]
Apashe & Lektrique - Confess (Original Mix) [Kannibalen]
A pair of monstrous producers–LA’s Kayzo (pictured, right) and Australia’s Seek N Destroy–have joined forces just in time to Crank out a new single that will destroy the dancefloor of your Halloween party. Just like the blistering Jason Statham action film of the same name, Crank is a turbocharged beast of tune. The song combines [...]
Kayzo x Seek N Destroy - Crank (Original Mix)
Kayzo x Seek N Destroy - Crank (Charlie Darker Remix)
Kayzo x Seek N Destroy - Crank (Karluv Klub Remix)
Sweden’s Johannes “Owl Vision” Arnesson (pictured) has staked his claim as one of the premier purveyors of stark, doom-ridden electro over the last seven years, which is why he was the perfect choice to remix Black Tiger Sex Machine’s new joint Afterworld with Panther. LessThan3 has the exclusive first play. While the rest of the world [...]
Black Tiger Sex Machine feat. Panther - Afterworld (Owl Vision Remix) [Kannibalen]
“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.” E3 2014 has just finished, and with it came the announcement of a new The Legend of Zelda game. Fittingly, Montreal’s Black Tiger Sex Machine is giving away a free download, the Zelda-themed electro banger, Ocarina. Ocarina seems to have more in common with Ganondorf than with our hero Link–the [...]
Black Tiger Sex Machine - Ocarina (Original Mix) [Kannibalen]
Get caught up in the trap with this week’s edition of Trap Tuesdays. All of the following tracks are available for free download. Enjoy! Vinnie Maniscalco – TaKillYa (Original Mix) We’ve seen trap remixes of almost everything now, some good, some bad, but what’s important is the experimentation that keeps the scene fresh. The other day, [...]
Vinnie Maniscalco - TaKillYa (Original Mix)
Spol - Whirlwind (Original MIx)
K Theory - Watch Me Kill It (Original Mix)
Kai Wachi - Back To The Lab (Original Mix) [Kannibalen]
Alex Young - Mastermind (K.O. Trap Remix)
Another Tuesday, another onslaught of ground-shaking trap bangers. Dig in, everyone. (Photo courtesy of JustAwesome Photography) Snails & Apashe – Staks (Original Mix) Snails released his debut Magnet EP today, which includes the smashing track he produced along with Apashe called Staks. The Canadian producer has a distinct style [...]
Snails & Apashe - Staks (Original Mix) [Kannibalen]
Bro Safari & UFO! - Animal (Original Mix)
Ookay & Pyramid Juke - Yen (Original Mix)
Death Grips - Takyon (Y2K Remix)
Canada’s rising EDM star is back. Exploding onto the scene last year with one of the nastiest sounds anywhere, Charlie Darker now returns intent on destroying nightclubs and raves with a pair of tracks that will leave you itching to fistpump, Corner Kids and and a remix of Rhythm Mode by Black Tiger Sex Machine. I spoke with Charlie [...]
Charlie Darker - Corner Kids (Original Mix) [Kannibalen]
Black Tiger Sex Machine - Rhythm Mode (Charlie Darker Remix)