Voguing is a style of dance that surfaced in the 1980s among the gay Black and Latino communities of New York City, eventually developing into a movement that gave the embattled groups a sense of community in an era that was none too friendly toward their kind. It first rose to mainstream prominence with the 1990 Madonna single Vogue, [...]
Kandy & Juyen Sebulba - Vogue (Original Mix) [Brooklyn Fire]
Kandy & Juyen Sebulba - Vogue (Acid Mix) [Brooklyn Fire]
Friday Favorites is back, this time sporting the double-deuces for our 22nd edition of the best thing about Friday. Josh Bennett Electro | Juyen Sebulba – Spanish Guitar (Original Mix) Coming seemingly from out of nowhere, Texan Juyen Sebulba has smacked the electro world in the face with a unique sound that’s already gotten signings [...]
Juyen Sebulba - Spanish Guitar (Original Mix)
Vandal - Mad As Hell (Audiofly Remix) [LOT49]
Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner - Sky and Sand [BPitch]
Chromeo - Over Your Shoulder
Brookes Brothers feat. Haz-Mat - Loveline [Breakbeat Kaos]
Foamo - Without You (Original Mix) [Rinse]
Mark Sixma - Character (Radio Edit) [Armada]
Does Not Compute - Wheels of Steel (Original Mix) [V]