To stay fresh and evolve as an artist, you need to be taking risks and experimenting with your sound. Nobody knows this better than the dudes behind Major Lazer, Diplo and Switch. They recently teamed up with the Dutch duo called The Partysquad to produce their latest track Original Don. It starts off with Major Lazer’s familiar Jamaican [...]
Major Lazer feat The Partysquad - Original Don (Original Mix)
Featuring the simple sounds of electroclash mixed with hardstyle rhythms, Alex Noise’s track Electro B*tch shows off the versatility and varied sounds of electro house. The heavy use of synths throughout create a catchy tune with mellow drops. From what I have read and heard, Noise usually specializes in hardstyle and hardcore genres, [...]
Alex Noise - Electro B*tch (Original Mix) [Noisetown]