It’s been a while since we posted an original by Mr. Mord Fustang, but the guy sure hasn’t lost any of his talent. Case in point–Mord’s newest release We Are Now Connected, a track that many of the kids these days would refer to as a “banger.” I know that term is thrown around a lot nowadays, but there really isn’t a more perfect word to [...]
Mord Fustang - We Are Now Connected (Original Mix) [Plasmapool]
World-renowned UK future bass producer Joy O (formerly Joy Orbison), known for pushing the envelope with his productions as evidenced by releases like So Derobe, is back at it with the ethereal release that is Wade In/Jels. This guy’s been on fire lately, delivering quality production after production, and this two-sided vinyl proves [...]
Joy Orbison - Wade In (Original Mix) [Hotflush]
Joy Orbison - Jels (Original Mix) [Hotflush]
Ever since the above picture emerged speculation has, been rife as to just who was the creator of Sicko Cell, a crunching 808-driven banger dropped at shows by Loefah, Joy Orbison, Pearson Sound, and many others, always credited anonymously. The photo was posted on the Tumblr of Loefah’s label Swamp81 over six months ago and shows the [...]
Joy Orbison - Sicko Cell [Swamp81]
Joy Orbison - Knock Knock [Swamp81]