Switzerland’s front-running dance music group the Helvetic Nerds just released their remix for homeland favorite Chris Reece on Unreleased Digital. The nerds have had a successful summer aside from their solo careers with the release of their single Collum and their remix of Radiate for Dinka & Julie Thompson. They continue their trend [...]
Chris Reece feat John Williams - Life Is Amazing (Helvetic Nerds Rock-A-Dub) [Unreleased Digital]
After watching him break out into frontline of the dance music world in 2010, I have no doubt that Frenchman Gregori Klosman will assert himself as one of the the names in house music this year. With recent collabs alongside big-name artists such as Chuckie and Tristan Garner, Klosman seems to have proven himself to those in the [...]
Gregori Klosman - Jaws (Original Mix) [Dirty Dutch]