The recent trend of “big room” trance tends to be the result of uplifting trance crossing over into prog house. But what if you keep the same basic style and make things a little more chilled out? The answer comes from Swedish producer Johan Vilborg, who made a name for himself in 2013 and is continuing the trend with his latest release [...]
Johan Vilborg - Mai Tai (Original Mix) [Enchanced Progressive]
What do you get when a soundset designer and producer from Hungary collaborates with a computer engineer and rising radio star from Sweden? A powerhouse synth-driven creation of melodic bliss and production perfection. Adam Szabo and Johan Vilborg have combined forces to deliver Two To One on Enhanced Music. This tune sounds like a [...]
Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg - Two To One (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
Recently I’ve stumbled upon what is likely going to end up being one of my personal favorites of 2012, Fall by Johan Vilborg. This beautiful masterpiece gracefully weaves in catchy beats, soothing pads, and sentimental breakdowns in a manner most worthy of Silk Royal’s stamp of approval. After listening to it about a thousand times, I [...]
Johan Vilborg - Fall (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]
Johan Vilborg - Warmer Days (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]
Johan Vilborg - Altara (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]