The artistry of Morgan Page never ceases to amaze me. Known for his emotive songs and numerous remixes of pop tracks, Morgan continues to generate enough buzz with his music that he even gets mentioned outside of the EDM realm every so often. Today, I have another gem for you from the hands of Page–the Jean Elan remix of I’ve Had [...]
Morgan Page feat Jan Burton - I've Had Friends (Jean Elan Extended Mix) [Nettwerk]
There are many barometers for measuring what draws us to music–production quality, melody, vocals are some tools of measurement. Some songs seem to blend all three, and the parts are usually connected by a pop element that drives its sticking power. Connected is one of those songs. Jean Elan (pictured) received a nod for his talent with [...]
Jean Elan feat CJ Stone - Connected (Original Mix) [S2]
Jean Elan feat CJ Stone - Connected (Club Mix) [S2]
Remember this guy? Well, Berlin-based DJ/producer is back stronger than ever, with a Grammy nomination for his remix of the Röyksopp & Robyn track The Girl And The Robot, as well as a couple of new tracks that still use that “metropolis sound” that Proto spoke of in his post. First up we have his remix of the Eric Amarillo track Air. [...]
Voodoo & Serano feat Plastic Inc. - I Stand Alone (Jean Elan Remix) [Ministry Of Sound]
Eric Amarillo - Air (Jean Elan Remix)
Jean Elan - Where's Your Head At (Klaas Remix) [Shake Me Please!]
The proper use of vocals does so much for a track. Take a kinda regular sounding song and add an incredible vocal, and you usually end up with something pretty solid. Boundzound’s Bang, remixed by Jean Elan, kicks things off right with a great beat and a smattering of vocal samples. It isn’t until the female vocal begins, though, that [...]
Boundzound - Bang (Jean Elan Remix)