Hungarian techno king Jay Lumen is arguably one of the genre’s finest products, bubbling away firmly in underground territory, yet putting his head just high enough above the parapet that he is noticed by the mainstream. As a result, he occupies a rare position that many a DJ must secretly be jealous of, a point that is reinforced by his [...]
Jay Lumen - Stratosphere (Original Mix) [Octopus]
Jay Lumen - Pattern One (Original Mix) [Octopus]
Great Stuff, the revered music label responsible for a release that found itself on LessThan3’s Top 15 Tech House Tracks of 2012 chart, has begun their tenth year with the release of Jay Lumen’s Get Yaa! EP. Jay Lumen’s history goes back to 2006, when he was beginning to make a name for himself in the European club circuit as a [...]