Everything RAC touches turns to pure indie gold, and his latest remix of Le Youth’s banger Feel Your Love is no different. Portuguese producer Remix Artist Collective (more affectionately known as RAC now that the project isn’t really a ‘collective’ anymore) brings the easy summertimes vibes to ’90s throwback king Le Youth’s original [...]
Le Youth feat. Javeon - Feel Your Love (RAC Remix)
Suave beatmaker Le Youth has dominated the remix game in 2014, but this week he’s back with something extra special–a long-awaited original track entitled Feel Your Love featuring silky smooth vocals from Javeon. As with his other original hits C O O L and Dance With Me, Wes “Le Youth” James creates an intoxicating beat that blends [...]
Le Youth feat. Javeon - Feel Your Love [Sony]
Stand back, dear reader, and watch as The Magician (pictured) transforms Javeon’s indie dance single Intoxicated into a bouncy Balearic delight. You can almost taste the sweat dripping down your face in a steamy after-hours party as soon as those first glassy synth stabs appear on top of the deceptively simple beat. The Magician hollows [...]
Javeon - Intoxicated (The Magician Remix) [PMR]