Trance is a genre that has become increasingly difficult to define. For some, it’s the uplifting style that the genre is most famous for, while for others, the recent big-room trend is what it’s all about nowadays. Both have their place, but dig back further to the days before the supersaw was even invented and you enter a world of acid [...]
John 00 Fleming - The Centre Of The Universe (Original Mix) [J00F]
John 00 Fleming - WR22 (Original Mix) [J00F]
John 00 Fleming - Tears From Heaven (Original Mix) [J00F]
A professional DJ for over 20 years, John 00 Fleming is just through with his first studio album. In the short time since it’s release, Nine Lives has quickly garnered universal praise from critics and fans alike. Aiming to show clubbers a more “serious and soulful side of trance,” the Englishman graces us with far more. With tracks [...]
John 00 Fleming - New Beginning (Original Mix) [J00F]
John 00 Fleming - Sym*bol*ism (Original Mix) [J00F]
John 00 Fleming feat Joanna Swann - Bumble Lights (Original Mix) [J00F]