For veteran trancers, the subgenre of psytrance holds a special place in the heart. In a way, it’s the most primal form of their beloved genre, tapping into the aspects of dance music makes the mind trace endless circles. Having soaked up the psychedelic dance music of Israel since his arrival there at 15, Vlad Krishovein, aka Ghost [...]
Ghost Rider - One Gun (Original Mix) [Iboga Trance]
Ghost Rider & Megamind - The Way Out (Original Mix) [Iboga Trance]
Ghost Rider - Sweet Poison (Original Mix) [Iboga Trance]
Phoenix From The Flames by Boom Jinx truly deserves more respect and recognition. Thankfully, a few official remixes have surfaced that pay tribute to the delightfully uplifting vocals of Justine Suissa. Invited to the table were other highly respectable artists including Maor Levi, Michael Cassette, Omnia, and The Blizzard, who all [...]
Boom Jinx feat Justine Suissa - Phoenix From The Flames (Omnia & The Blizzard Remix) [Anjunabeats]
Boom Jinx feat Justine Suissa - Phoenix From The Flames (Maor Levi Remix) [Anjunabeats]
Boom Jinx feat Justine Suissa - Phoenix From The Flames (Michael Cassette Remix) [Anjunabeats]
Israel’s Maor Levi doesn’t turn what he touches into gold– he turns it into glistening platinum! Stunning production after stunning production, his latest euphoric delivery consists of an elaborate remix of Wonderfooled by Shato & Paul Rockseek. With kicks as hard as they can be, Maor really makes the chopped up vocals really stand out [...]
Shato & Paul Rockseek - Wonderfooled (Maor Levi Remix) [Tool]
Maor Levi & Raul Siberdi - Infatuation (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
Estiva - Next Level (Maor Levi Remix) [Enhanced]
If the raw, distorted sounds and sub-bass frequencies of Flux Pavilion and other grimy UK dubbers are just your thing, listen up. Borgore–the Israeli originator of the so-called “gorestep” subgenre–is out with a new EP. We introduced him briefly back in March, but I think it’s time for a real showcase. Inside the Delicious EP are three [...]
Borgore - Delicious (Original Mix) [Buygore]
Borgore - Gloryhole (Instrumental Mix) [Buygore]
Borgore - Someone Else's (Document One Remix) [Buygore]
Today I’ve got three tracks by Borgore, a guy who has been making quite a name for himself, especially with his album Gorestep Vol. 1. His production skill combined with his musicality produces uncanny results that definitely distinguish him in the scene. Nothing but talent coming all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel. First up is Saturday [...]
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Borgore Remix) [RMX]
Rusko - Woo Boost (Borgore Remix) [Mad Decent]
Borgore - Saturday Night (Original Mix) [Shift]