It’s tough to not catch the eye with album artwork like the one shown above. Stepping up to catch your ear as well, Teknian has just released a four track Sonic EP on Inspected that is dripping with diversity and enough bass to cave the roof in. After successful releases spread among the drum & bass, glitch hop and dubstep crowds, this [...]
Teknian - Sonic (Original Mix) [Inspected]
Teknian - 1984 (Original Mix) [Inspected]
Teknian - Behemoth (Original Mix) [Inspected]
22 year-old dubstep extraordinaire Thomas Slinger, aka Gemini, exploded onto the scene in 2010 with his debut single Blue. A year later, his outstanding Graduation EP solidified his place as a young artist to keep a close eye on. The young UK producer has now released his newest EP, titled Mercury, and it’s an out-of-this-world [...]
Gemini - Robots (Original Mix) [Inspected]
Gemini - Freedom (Original Mix) [Inspected]
Gemini - Second Law (Original Mix) [Inspected]
I have been to many a Girls & Boys event at Webster Hall NYC, as the party has become a mainstay for the New York electro/dubstep scene. However, last night was the most impressed I have been by any set I have heard during this party’s massively successful stint, thanks to the 21 year-old musical prodigy from Leeds known as Gemini. But [...]
Skrillex - Kill Everybody (KOAN Sound Remix)
Gemini - Graduation (Original Mix) [Inspected]
You’d be missing out sorely if you’ve never heard of a naughty little mix called Luvstep. Whether you’re a huge dubhead or not, Luvstep has something for you. It’s become something analogous to a cult classic in the dance music world, garnering a huge online fanbase after the first mix was released last year. The demand and anticipation [...]
Caspa feat Mr. Hudson - Love Never Dies [Sub Soldiers]
Chromeo - Night By Night (Skream Remix)
Gemini - Blue (Original Mix) [Inspected]