With a recent performance alongside the London Philharmonic Orchestra and a year of unorthodox releases that shook the foundations of dance music, the legendary dubstep duo Nero has been constantly upping the ante as to how far a career in the ever-growing genre can go. Their new EP, Welcome to Reality, clocks in at a chunky six songs, [...]
Nero - Book of Harmony (Original Mix) [MTA]
Nero - My Eyes (Original Mix) [MTA]
Nero - The Way You Feel (Original Mix) [MTA]
Nero (aka Daniel Stephens & Joseph Ray) are a London based drum & bass and dubstep production duo. Having become a big name in both scenes, they often fuse both styles of music in their DJ sets. Recently, they stormed our shores with a two-week tour of the U.S. and Canada. These guys caught my attention when I stumbled upon their remix [...]
Nero - Innocence (Original Mix)
Nero - Electron (Original Mix)