With 25 years of experience under his belt, legendary house producer Todd Terry knows how to kick out an anthem, and his newest track, Tee’s Ghetto Blaster, is no exception. Terry’s latest is an example of how great house music can be timeless–this track could easily have been a dancefloor hit 20 years ago, and yet it still sounds fresh. [...]
Todd Terry - Tee's Ghetto Blaster (Original Mix) [Inhouse]
When it comes to veterans of the scene, it doesn’t get much more old school than Todd Terry. The guy has been around since before house was even a thing, partly because he was one of the guys who invented in the first place. Over 25 years later, he’s still going strong as shown by his latest track, Feeling Punk. It’s exactly what made [...]
Todd Terry - Feeling Punk (Tee's Original Mix) [InHouse]