New World Sound, the brainchild of brothers Jesse and Tyrone Taylor, are turning heads with their exceptional new single Aye, a boundary-pushing progressive titan, out now on LE7ELS. Centered on a ground-breaking electronic guitar riff, Aye is a tailor-made festival giant that’ll have your feet moving and fists pumping for five golden [...]
New World Sound - Aye (Original Mix) [LE7ELS]
New World Sound - Bantam (Original Mix) [In Charge]
Once again I find myself writing up Marco V, a man who never ceases to amaze me with every track he puts out. I sleep on this guy for one second and back he comes slapping me in the face with his newest monster. Said monster is Essence, a new collaboration he did with Damian William that makes good use of syncopated snares, an [...]
Marco V & Damian William - Essence (Original Mix) [In Charge]
Marco V - Sticker (Original Mix) [TAO]
50 Cent feat Nicole Scherzinger - Right There (Marco V Remix)
Remember back in the day around 2002 or so when using marching band drumlines was all the rage in hip hop? Well, I was a big fan of that, and now it seems the idea has popped up again in a lil techno banger called Drumliner. German techno/house producers Boris Alexander and Tom Wax stole a sample from the scene in the movie Drumline [...]
Boris Alexander & Tom Wax - Drumliner (Remix) [In Charge]
Marco V must be praying to the right god, because he just keeps churning out hit after hit. The Dutch DJ/producer has had a snowball-effect sort of year, with numerous superstars such as Armin, Above & Beyond, and Sander van Doorn dropping his tracks during their sets. Now we have his new track, Scenario, which finds him linking up with [...]
Marco V feat Khashassi - Scenario (Original Mix) [In Charge]
Marco V feat Khashassi - Scenario (ReVixed) [In Charge]