When titans drop tracks, the whole world listens. ill.Gates is no newcomer, and when it comes to standing on the shoulders of EDM giants, there are no better shoulders to plant your feet on than those of the the Illest of the Ill–Mr. Gates. He’s been in the game for a hot minute, and is one of the driving forces behind his scene, as well [...]
ill.Gates & Datsik - Eviction [Muti]
ill.Gates & Samples - Crystal Math [Muti]
ill.Gates & MiM0SA - Never Alone [Muti]
Simplify Recordings is on fire as of late. Between the recent Elliot Mars and Freddy Todd releases, One would think they’d be starting to run the pipelines dry. Well, Simplify Recordings is better than that. I’m pleased to say that I’m pretty happy about Elusive History too! Elusive History is ill-esha’s new 5 track EP. Full of downtempo [...]
ill-esha - Parallel Futures [Simplify]
ill-esha - Fireflies [Simplify]
ill-esha - Only Fair (Gladkill Remix) [Simplify]
For the past few years, Colorado producer Ben Samples has been deeply entwined in the local dance music scene. Starting as a local DJ on Colorado University Boulder’s KVCU radio station, Samples soon asserted himself as a worthy member of the Denver Bass Squad, but it hasn’t been until recently that the glitch hop phenom got the [...]
Opiuo - Monkey Crunk (ill.Gates & Samples Remix) [Empathy]
Samples - Viricapnity [Simplify]
Samples - Tourmaline [Simplify]
Ill.Gates may not be the richest man in the world, but he’s certainly the illest. His extravagant glitch hop jams will make apt backdrops for summer parties around the globe. At a glance, new EP Schmunday School is good. Upon deeper inspection, it’s a truly awesome release. The percussion is right on and the bass is all over the place, [...]
ill.Gates feat Ana Sia - Gene Splice (Original Mix)
ill.Gates feat Freedom Danish - My Special Place (Original Mix)
ill.Gates feat Mycho Pan Cho Cho - Spread Ego (Original Mix)