Maya Jane Coles has released a profoundly eerie music video for her track Comfort. The stark, corporeal video seemingly tells a tale of birth, change, and death through a pair of ghastly figures who undergo a series of metamorphoses that progress in time with the lush, patiently blossoming techno beat. Comfort comes from Maya Jane Coles’ [...]
The more I started getting into music a few years ago the more people drilled into my head that it was worth investing in a nice pair of headphones. Just about everyone seemed to have their opinion about which pair of cans was best to grab, but the recommendation that I heard far more than any other headphone or headphone company was to [...]
Maya Jane Coles - Comfort [IAMME]
How HARD manages to one-up themselves with every festival they throw is beyond us. HARD head honcho Gary Richards certainly knows how to curate a killer party by now. Today, HARD officially announced the lineup for Day Of The Dead 2013. Commence the outbursts of “aww, snap!” and “no way!” Headliners Saturday include Skrillex, Calvin [...]
Boys Noize - Inhale/Exhale (Original Mix) [Boysnoize]
Maya Jane Coles - Comfort [I/AM/ME]
Dusky - Flo Jam [Dogmatik]
Verboten New York certainly brought the fireworks to Brooklyn’s waterfront this Fourth of July with exceptional sights and sounds for those who were looking for a little more than a barbecue to celebrate our nation’s birth. The day was filled with beams of light, beautiful faces, and a topnotch artist lineup to salivate every New [...]
Breach - Let's Get Hot (Original Mix) [Dirtybird]
Maya Jane Coles feat. Karin Park - Everything (Original Mix) [I/AM/ME]
Acid District - Depends (Original Mix) [Eklektisch]
Nocturnal queen of deep, emotive sound Maya Jane Coles has delivered her first full-length album. Comfort, releasing on Coles’ own I/AM/ME label, hearkens back to the young producer’s Nocturnal Sunshine roots, but with a deeper maturity of life and emotion–a blissful, modest sonority from start to finish. To keep things even more [...]
Maya Jane Coles - Everything (Original Mix) [I/AM/ME]
Maya Jane Coles - Stranger (Original Mix) [I/AM/ME]
Maya Jane Coles - Dreamer (Original Mix) [I/AM/ME]
It’s finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Ultra Music Festival has already been announced to span two spectacular consecutive weekends (even after some complainers tried to prevent that from coming true). and they’ve done a fantastic job securing a top-notch list for Phase 1 that could well be a full festival in itself. But [...]
Crystal Castles - Affection [Polydor]
Don Diablo - M1 Stinger (glAdiator Remix)
Maya Jane Coles - Easier To Hide (Original Mix) [I/AM/ME]