Keeping up with the newest music releases can be quite challenging, and that’s why we here at LessThan3 strive to deliver the finest sounds right to your earholes. This process, however, often proves strenuous, although enjoyable. It involves listening to all the newest releases we can get our hands on, and then identifying which tracks [...]
J-Trick & Taco Cat feat. FERAL is KINKY - Jumanji (Original Mix) [Hussle]
Uberjak'd feat. Nuthin Under A Million - All I Need (Bomber) (Lady Bee Trap Mix) [Mixmash]
Doorly - Drongoism (Original Mix) [Toolroom]
If you aren’t familiar with the young Utretcht native Tony Junior, then I am happy to present to you one of the Netherlands’ best kept secrets. With big room tunes like Feelin’ Kinda Strange and his remix for GT & Christian Luke backing his name, it’s clear Tony is poised to join the rest of the country’s finest producers with only a few [...]
Tony Junior - Nobody Beats The F*cking Drum (Original Mix) [Tiger]
Tony Junior - Feelin' Kinda Strange (Original Mix) [Spinnin']
GT & Christian Luke feat. Mr Wilson - Begin (Tony Junior Remix) [Hussle]
Hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast, The Twins have established themselves as one of the hottest duos in the Australian dance scene. Sisters Brooke and Ellie have come a long way since they first set foot onto the scene in 2011 with their debut track Body, and Party Bass, their collaboration with Bombs Away which reached the #1 spot on [...]
The Twins - Coming Home (Original Mix) [Hussle]
The Twins - Coming Home (Bass Kleph Remix) [Hussle]
The Twins - Coming Home (Maison & Dragen Remix) [Hussle]
A couple of buzzworthy tracks is all it takes these days for a talented artist to land a spot on the dance map. That’s certainly true for Tommy Trash, who’s quickly become a global name thanks to two hit releases: The End and All My Friends. Aside from his “trashy” electro bass lines, Trash’s distinct “bagpipe”-sounding melodies [...]
Tommy Lee - Future Folk (Original Mix) [Musical Freedom]
Tom Piper & Tommy Trash feat Mr. Wilson - All My Friends (Original Mix) [Hussle]