Once the biggest-selling 12″ vinyl of all time, New Order’s 1983 classic Blue Monday has been given the once-over by countless names the likes of John Digweed, 808 State, Jam & Spoon, Above & Beyond, and plenty of others. Adding his name to that list is Italian producer Alex Kenji with his own take via his Hotfingers label. As you might [...]
Alex Kenji - Blue Monday (Original Mix) [Hotfingers]
Alex Kenji and his Hotfingers label have become a well respected presence on the house scene of late, and their latest release Stay With Me, a solid effort from Kenji himself, is certainly no exception. Stay With Me is house as it should be, with groovy percussion, tight understated riffs, and the simple yet catchy vocal. It sums up the [...]
Alex Kenji - Stay With Me (Original Mix) [Hotfingers]
Italian producer Alex Kenji has developed his Hotfingers label into one of the biggest names on the house scene, thanks to tracks like his own Screenset, a smooth and soulful deep house number released back in April. That track has been given a whole new lease of life this month thanks to British producer Will Gold. Gold gives Screenset [...]
Alex Kenji - Screenset (Will Gold Remix) [Hotfingers]
Australia’s Bass Kleph (pictured) and Los Angeles producer Hot Mouth have come together to impart their new single upon us titled Keep On. After a few years as a part of LA Riots, Hot Mouth has returned to his originating sound alongside the help of Bass Kleph’s house & tech oriented style, and the product has arrived on Hotfingers [...]
Bass Kleph & Hot Mouth - Keep On (Original Mix) [Hotfingers]
It always brings a smile to my face and volume to my monitors when I see a new Hotfingers release. The easily recognizable album artwork of the label founded by none other than Manuel De La Mare, Alex Kenji and Luigi Rocca was immediately destined for success. Starting off the year with a delightful house original called Everybody from [...]
Blackwhited & M4X - Bring The Bass (Original Mix) [Hotfingers]