Black Butter Records has just released its highly anticipated first compilation of the Spread Love series, and its breadth of quality is staggering to say the least. For those unfamiliar with Spread Love, it’s a series of EPs Black Butter has released for free in 192kbps format, showcasing music from their stunning artist roster. Just [...]
Codec - Be Yourself (Original Mix) [Black Butter]
Kidnap Kid - Vehl (Jonty Skrufff No Mercy Remix) [Black Butter]
Hostage - Hold It Now (Original Mix) [Black Butter]
Welcome to the first edition of LessThan3’s Replay, an article containing the very best posts from the past few weeks including exclusive interviews, new music and staff favorites. Aside from our usual postings and insights, the LT3 crew has been working especially hard lately to bring you event coverage from around the country. Artwurk [...]
If you’re familiar with Don Diablo’s work, you’ll know that he’s well seasoned in both dance-y club music and straight up electro bangers. His latest EP, Lights Out EP, fuses those two elements with a bit of an aggressive edge, essentially allowing Diablo to do what he does best, while giving us something fresh to rage with. Lights Out [...]
Don Diablo feat Angela Hunte - Lights Out Hit (Short Version) [Sony]
Don Diablo feat Angela Hunte - Lights Out Hit (Hostage Remix) [Sony]
Don Diablo - The Golden Years (Short Version) [Sony]