A good rule to live by as a producer is “don’t mess with the classics,” and this is true even if the classic is your own. But rules were made to be broken, and Rank 1 has done just that with a remake of their magnum opus Airwave. It’s easy to assume this will just be your standard big room hash of a classic track, but you’d be very [...]
Rank 1 - Airwave (21st Century Mix) [High Contrast]
Polish producer Carlo Calabro returns to High Contrast for his latest track Loudest Silence, an emotional piece of uplifting trance that we’re proud to exclusively present in full ahead of its official release. Loudest Silence is an interesting mix of styles with a clever trick up its sleeve. The rolling basslines and little plucks have [...]
Carlo Calabro - Loudest Silence (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
What happens when you get a Svenson & Gielen track remixed by Menno De Jong? Well, given their track record as legends on the trance scene for a good few decades between them, it would be reasonable to assume some classic-sounding uplifting trance would result. If you throw in the fact that it’s been released on High Contrast recordings, [...]
Svenson & Gielen - The Beauty Of Silence (Menno De Jong Remix) [High Contrast]
UPDATE: 13.11.11 is out now! Pick it up here. Known for their unique masterpieces that they bestow upon us only when the time is right, Benno de Goeij and Piet Bervoets of Rank 1 once again have a gem they’re ready to share with us. With a runtime of 13:11:11, a BPM of 131.111, and a release date of 11.11.13, 13.11.11 is extraordinary to [...]
Rank 1 - 13.11.11 [High Contrast]
It’s taken six years for M.I.K.E. to release a new full-length album. With World Citizen, we find him comfortably back at his roots. Weighing in at a hefty 23 tracks and releasing on High Contrast, World Citizen’s two discs are a perfect balance of jaw-dropping remixes of his long-established classics and smashing new material. To start [...]
M.I.K.E. & Matteo Marini - Melodramma (Album Mix) [High Contrast]
Push - Universal Nation (Inpetto Remix) [High Contrast]
M.I.K.E. - Touching Your Senses (Album Mix) [High Contrast]
M.I.K.E. and Rank 1 (pictured) have been shaping the trance kingdom in their own image for over a decade now. M.I.K.E.’s collection of aliases includes Push, famously popular for Universal Nation, while Rank 1’s most well-known forAirwave. Now 2013 brings them together for a new, monster collaboration titled Elements of Nature. [...]
M.I.K.E. vs. Rank 1 - Elements of Nature (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
There’s a voice that’s been haunting me for days on end now, and I have no idea whose it is. Edge Of The World is everything I could ask for in a vocal track, but the voice remains unnamed. The producer is longtime trance virtuoso Dennis Sheperd, who presents this stunningly rich vocal track on High Contrast. Edge of the World is [...]
Dennis Sheperd - Edge Of The World (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
We’re more familiar with Tangle as one half of Tangle & Mateusz (pictured, Tangle on left), a Denver-based American duo who have had releases this year on Lange Recordings and High Contrast Nu Breed. This time, though, Tangle has struck out on his own in the double release Fracture / Shadow Play, proggy little numbers well-suited to the [...]
Tangle - Fracture (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]
Tangle - Shadow Play (Original Mix) [Lange Recordings]
Sometimes, genre labels are totally futile. Matthew Nagle drives this point home; his track Effective Immediately somehow straddles the line between electro house and techy prog trance in a way I wasn’t sure I liked or understood—but it’s the absolutely bewildering military march-like sections (you can hear a decidedly drummer boy-esque [...]
Matthew Nagle - Effective Immediately (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
Welsh drum’n’bass prodigy Lincoln Barrett, aka High Contrast, has a reputation in drum’n’bass like no other. He regularly mixes at the famed Fabric nightclub in London, he is frequently tapped to remix huge artists like Adele, and he consistently breaks in to the UK singles charts–a feat not easily accomplished by a d’n’b producer. The [...]
High Contrast feat Selah Corbin - The Agony & The Ecstasy (Original Mix) [Hospital]
High Contrast feat Selah Corbin - The Only Way There (Original Mix) [Hospital]
High Contrast - Father, Can't You See I'm Burning? (Original Mix) [Hospital]
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