There’s more than one way to skin a cat these days in the music industry. You could be Skrillex and become the biggest American EDM artist practically overnight by giving an EP away for free. Or you could be new dubstep Florida act Klaypex, whose Dubstep Guns video (see below) gained them almost four million YouTube views in three [...]
Klaypex feat Sara Kay - Chinter's Will
Klaypex - Hey Hey
Klaypex - Lights
Upon hearing the original mix while back, I was immediately drawn in by the vocals in this song, but felt so much more could have been done. The original really focuses on the rhythm and the voice, which makes for a good house track that I certainly appreciate. Recently, I heard the version of this song that was truly meant for me. Dim [...]
Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (Dim Chris Remix)
Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (Vandalism Remix)
Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (Original Mix)