Helvetic Nerds member Cedric Zeyenne wasn’t a name that I was previously acquainted with. In fact, up until a few short years ago he was dead set on becoming the next Swiss hockey sensation. That being said, if he continues to drop fat beats like his newest single, Feel You, the world will soon know his name. Feel You is as remarkable as [...]
Cedric Zeyenne - Feel You (Original Mix) [Enormous Tunes]
Switzerland’s front-running dance music group the Helvetic Nerds just released their remix for homeland favorite Chris Reece on Unreleased Digital. The nerds have had a successful summer aside from their solo careers with the release of their single Collum and their remix of Radiate for Dinka & Julie Thompson. They continue their trend [...]
Chris Reece feat John Williams - Life Is Amazing (Helvetic Nerds Rock-A-Dub) [Unreleased Digital]
As members of the Swiss dance family the Helvetic Nerds, Leventina has had the opportunity to remix and work with some pretty amazing artists. In July, their remix of This Is Your Life by fellow Nerd EDX became their top selling release yet, while their Champagne Nights EP became a huge hit all around the world. They return with a [...]
Passenger 10 - Venue (Leventina Big Venue Remix) [Unreleased Digital]
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the hottest progressive act when it comes to both beats and beauty. Already well known for their impressive Armada and Anjunadeep releases, Dinka consists of producer Christian Hirt and the gorgeous DJ Tamara (pictured). Based in Lucerne, Switzerland, these two belong to a group named The Helvetic [...]
Dinka - The Quietest Moment (Original Mix) [Enormous Tunes]
George F. Zimmer - Bilbao (Dinka Remix) [Enormous Tunes]
Dinka - Selling England (Original Mix) [S2]
With contributions to Above & Beyond’s Anjunadeep and Sebastian Ingrosso’s Refune Records, Daniel Portman is no stranger to smooth beats. He’s also collaborated with Jerome Isma-Ae more than once for releases on trance label Armada Records. Along with the latest release in his progressive house compilation series Port, the Zurich-based [...]
Daniel Portman - The Germs (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]