Few artists have dominated 2014 quite like BANKS. The Los Angeles-based singer turned more than a few heads with the release of her London EP last year, but with several impressive singles, a massively popular tour, and now the release of her debut album Goddess, Jillian Banks has arrived in full force. Goddess is a dynamic and [...]
BANKS - Alibi (Original Mix) [Harvest]
BANKS - Fuck Em Only We Know (Original Mix) [Harvest]
BANKS - And I Drove You Crazy (Original Mix) [Harvest]
With each new BANKS single, the LA-based singer always leaves us beggin’ for more. BANKS has answered with a somewhat NSFW video for her latest track Beggin For Thread. Similar to her black-and-white, Kanye West-directed video for Brain, BANKS graciously glides through a grayscale landscape while providing her lauded visceral vocals. [...]