So every once in a while you come upon a producer (or in this case, producers) who makes you ask yourself, “Who the hell are these guys?” K Theory made me ask myself that question. The guys have some seriously insane productions listed on their SoundCloud. You’ll be keen to see an upcoming dubstep remix of Gareth Emery’s Tokyo. Check [...]
Dada Life - Happy Violence (K Theory Remix)
DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (K Theory & Pillijah Remix)
The M Machine - Promise Me A Rose Garden (K Theory's K Machine Bootleg)
By now, Dada Life’s newest hit Happy Violence has circled the globe and back. The deadly duet of carefree melodies and electrifying beats is what Dada Life is all about, and also to which the title Happy Violence probably refers. As with any universal house anthem, here come the remixes in spades. With so many to choose from, we’ve [...]
Dada Life - Happy Violence (Caveat Remix) [So Much Dada]
Dada Life - Happy Violence (Kaskade Remix) [So Much Dada]
Dada Life - Happy Violence (Vodge Diper Remix) [So Much Dada]
Having made themselves into a household name, the legendary Dada Life continues their reign of terror over the electro and dance world. Their sets at the big festivals this summer were nothing to be trifled with, as they made appearances at almost every single multiday event here in the U.S. If you somehow still haven’t caught them, [...]
Dada Life - Happy Violence (Original Mix) [So Much Dada]
Simian Mobile Disco - Audacity of Huge (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #10)