Guitar! is the latest distraction by Smule, a prolific interactive sonic application developer. They’re also the ones behind Sing!, I Am T-Pain, Magic Piano, Glee Karaoke, and more. Above all, they’re committed to social interactivity, so if you’re social and you like music, check it out–it’s free. The app functions much like a game, [...]
It’s the late 60’s and you’re swaying left and right like a palm tree to an incredible live performance by Pink Floyd. You’re twisted on more than you can remember and the psychedelic rhythms are running in and through the deepest reaches of your consciousness. Flash forward now to 2010. Their astoundingly creative melodies have been [...]
Pink Floyd - Echoes (DJ Kue Remix)
Thanks to the blogosphere scene, DJ and producer BURNS has made an incredibly fast rise to fame. Following his successful tour with none other than the now infamous Deadmau5, BURNS is now putting the finishing touches on his first full length studio album with Twentyone Twelve Records. The track Heartbeats, off of his second EP Turbo, [...]
BURNS - Heartbeats (Extended Mix)