So I know many of you have heard one too many bland Justice remixes. Tim Nelson aka BetaTraxx, who knew this all too well, decided to tackle We Are Your Friends anyway. Back in August, I talked a little bit about the LA-based electro prodigy. His track Foxtrot caused a buzz within the electro blogosphere and for good reason. His melodic [...]
Justice - We Are Your Friends (BetaTraxx Remix)
BetaTraxx - Drug Abuse (Original Mix)
The growing popularity of electro in the West Coast is really exciting – not only are the raves getting bigger and better, but it’s also leading to a grassroots movement for homegrown artists. This is perhaps most apparent on the blogosphere, where unknown artists seem to regularly come out of the fold with deadly tracks. One of the best [...]
BetaTraxx feat Kendahl Gold - Foxtrot (Kids at the Bar Remix)
BetaTraxx feat Kendahl Gold - Foxtrot (Lightsover LA Remix)
BetaTraxx feat Kendahl Gold - Foxtrot (Original Mix)