You know you’re in for a roaring ride with a name like Hellfire Machina. The duo, made up of CA-residing Jody and NY-residing Tom, have proven that you don’t have to be in the same room (or the same state) to craft bangers. Tom & Jody are also the brainchildren behind NY events company Bass Fueled Mischief, a crew that has brought such [...]
Hellfire Machina feat Infuze - Good Love (Original Mix) [Lifted]
Alesso recently remixed the track Good Love by DEVolution with vocals by Amy Pearson, taking the track into progressive house territory. Dodge & Fuski, on the other hand, must have thought it lacked a good dose of filth, so they took it into their hands to rectify that situation by slinging it on the back of their 4×4 truck and dragging [...]
DEVolution feat Amy Pearson - Good Love (Dodge & Fuski Remix) [One More Tune]
Dodge & Fuski - Sick (Original Mix)
Committed to always raising the bar for electronic music festivals, Insomniac has elevated this year’s Nocturnal Wonderland with plenty of new surprises for its many dedicated fans (trailer below). Meeting the rapidly rising demand for EDM, this year’s massive has been upgraded to a jam packed two-day festival, held over the 23rd and [...]
Savoy - I'm In Need (Original Mix) [Manufactured]
DEVolution feat Amy Pearson - Good Love (Alesso Remix)
Avicii - Swede Dreams (Avicii Sweeder Dreams Mix) [Joia]