Thump takes us to Chicago, the birthplace and main battleground of footwork, for a mini documentary on the origins of the dance/genre called Making Tracks. Directed by Wills Glasspiegel and Oliver Rivard, the video features Chi-town’s Teklife crew, spearheaded by DJs Rashad and Spinn. For those of you new to footwork/juke here’s some [...]
DJ Rashad - CCP (Original Mix)
Spinn & Rashad - Drank Kush Barz (Original Mix)
Valentino Khan is a name everyone in Moombahland should know by now–the boy consistently delivers hit track after hit track with an ear for production that is a cut above most of the moombahton producers working today. He started out with free downloads of tracks like his Coolie Fruit remix and Talk Trash which quickly caught the eye of [...]
NAPT & Peo de Pitte - Gonna Be Mine (Valentino Khan Remix) [Vicious B*tch]
Valentino Khan & Will Bailey - Rukus (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
Valentino Khan - Flare Gun (Original Mix)