Golden Features darkens up Porter Robinson’s Years of War in this brand new, club-ready remix. The Australian mystery man has been a known favorite of Robinson’s since releasing his self-titled EP back in March. Golden Features effortlessly transforms Years of War from a breezy, floating ballad into a fist-pumping, floor-busting machine. [...]
Porter Robinson - Years of War (Golden Features Remix)
No one knows what Golden Features looks like underneath that mask of his. What we do know, however, is that he’s Australian, Porter Robinson loves him, and his music is golden (heh). Case in point: his new remix of The Presets’ recent single No Fun. Deep, dark, yet oddly fun and friendly, GF’s bass-heavy remix is a techy and twisted [...]
It’s no secret that over at LessThan3 we’re big fans of LA-based, bass-heavy house producers Bixel Boys. The duo have continued to display their dynamic range with the countless productions they have put out this year, their newest being a remix of Golden Features’ Tell Me. Bixel Boys’ remix showcases vocalist Nicole Millar’s stunning [...]
Golden Features feat. Nicole Millar - Tell Me (Bixel Boys Remix)
As the insane amount of quality dance music continues to flow from Down Under, the debut EP from Golden Features is a mystifying standout. 
 The four-track, self-titled EP released by the unknown entity known as Golden Features seemed to appear out of nowhere when it started gaining traction on the Australian radio circuit. The identity [...]
Golden Features - Tell Me (Original Mix)
Golden Features - Factory (Original Mix)
Golden Features - Guillotine (Original Mix)
Golden Features - Maybe We Are Different (Original Mix)