Ill.Gates may not be the richest man in the world, but he’s certainly the illest. His extravagant glitch hop jams will make apt backdrops for summer parties around the globe. At a glance, new EP Schmunday School is good. Upon deeper inspection, it’s a truly awesome release. The percussion is right on and the bass is all over the place, [...]
ill.Gates feat Ana Sia - Gene Splice (Original Mix)
ill.Gates feat Freedom Danish - My Special Place (Original Mix)
ill.Gates feat Mycho Pan Cho Cho - Spread Ego (Original Mix)
What does your head feel like right now? If you replied “normal,” you must not have heard of MalLabel. The San Francisco-based label, self-described as an “underground bass movement,” recently released their first compilation album, and I have to say: Saucerface is legit! Just looking at the album cover, you get the feeling that the [...]
Minnesota - Meow (Original Mix) [MalLabel]
Dr. Knobz - Bass Goblins (Original Mix) [MalLabel]
Helicopter Showdown - Get Tuff (Skulltrane & Fresh Young Minds Remix) [MalLabel]
Popular alcoholic drink the “mimosa” takes its name from a bright tropical flower; if this very same flower produced dubstep, I wouldn’t be surprised if it sounded a lot like DJ Mimosa himself. A lot of current dubstep is very balls to the wall; a captivating melody here, a bassy drop there. A lot of west coast dubstep, however, is [...]
MiM0SA - 58 Degrees
MiM0SA - Get 'Em [Muti]
It seems like almost every day I find a new artist that grabs my attention. However, It’s not so often that I find a DJ that finds a way to throw a piece of nitrogen in the water and cause a huge explosion. Today I bring you one such demolition man. Kraddy hails from Venice Beach, California, and like any good Californian, he enjoys the [...]
Kraddy - Android Porn [Glitch Mob Unlimited]
Kraddy - No Comply [Minotaur]