We sat down with Gladkill at the King King nightclub in Hollywood to learn about his recent tour with Bassnectar, who he’s listening to, and the state of electronic music today.
Gladkill - Distance (Original Mix)
Heads up Los Angeles! We’re giving away two tickets to the epic Bassnectar event at the Hollywood Palladium going down on Thursday, October 18th! Hosted by The Do Lab and Insomniac Events, this is a show no bass head is going to want to miss as their leader takes over the classy venue and blows it up with dubstep, drum & bass, and of [...]
Bassnectar feat Lupe Fiasco - Vava Voom (Bassnectar Trap Remix)
GoldRush - It's When I Miss All Of You (Gladkill Remix) [Generation Bass]
Gramatik - Talkbox Intended (Original Mix) [Pretty Lights]
NiT GriT’s done it again! Our boy is back and killing it with his new EP, Euthanizing A Dream. It’s great to see such a talented producer giving us releases while he drops the bass on his current tour with Two Fresh (what a show!). I’m really impressed by Euthanizing A Dream, to say the least. Chockful of face-melting synth progressions [...]
NiT GriT - Euthanizing A Dream (Original Mix)
NiT GriT - Purple (Original Mix)
NiT GriT - The Mechanism Of Control (Original Mix)
With his finger on the trigger of what’s bumpin’, The Polish Ambassador has not only turned heads but established himself as a tour de force this past year hitting up festivals alongside EDM goliaths such as Bassnectar, Skrillex, and Mimosa. Although TPA might be a fresh name to the scene, he’s one of those guys that has been working at [...]
The Polish Ambassador - Concubot Pt. 3 [1320]
The Polish Ambassador - Space Leaf Dub (Gladkill Remix) [1320]
The Polish Ambassador - Go Slowly (Splatinum Remix) [1320]
Simplify Recordings is on fire as of late. Between the recent Elliot Mars and Freddy Todd releases, One would think they’d be starting to run the pipelines dry. Well, Simplify Recordings is better than that. I’m pleased to say that I’m pretty happy about Elusive History too! Elusive History is ill-esha’s new 5 track EP. Full of downtempo [...]
ill-esha - Parallel Futures [Simplify]
ill-esha - Fireflies [Simplify]
ill-esha - Only Fair (Gladkill Remix) [Simplify]
Gladkill is an artist from out west whom I admire for his chilled out, bassy beats. It’s more luvstep than it is dubstep, but that’s the sound that Gladkill is going for. When it comes to flow, Gladkill has the heuristic down, and I’m consistently blown away by the material he puts out. Recently, Gladkill leaked a preview of his next EP, [...]
Gladkill - Lovelost Preview Mixtape