Although their numbers are sparse, Russian artists hold their ground like no other in the worldwide dance music scene. Giant and Moonbeam may come to mind with their refreshing takes on the burgeoning genres of dubstep and progressive house, respectively. The Giant post mentioned a huge bass-centric event in Russia featuring [...]
Receptor - Girls (Original Mix) [Beta]
Receptor - Ass (Original Mix) [Hospital]
There’s a new feline in Trouble & Bass-town, and he goes by the name of Mikix The Cat. Citing hip hop, classical, jazz, and the native music of Africa as some of his major influences, the French B boy-turned-producer has created a sound that is part tribal, part techno, and part electro house madness. The first time I heard Mikix was [...]
Mikix The Cat - Girls (Original Mix) [Trouble & Bass]
Mikix The Cat - Deep Down (Original Mix) [Trouble & Bass]
Germany is known in most EDM circles to be the techno capital of the world. That’s why I’m not so surprised that Torbin Boswich, the original artist of I Move On, also hails from the same country. Style of Eye, the remixer, is from Stockholm. So we’ve got a nice Eastern European representation here on this techno gem. Released back in [...]
Torben Boswich - I Move On (Style of Eye Remix) [Muenchen]
Style of Eye - Puss Puss (Original Mix) [Refune]
Style of Eye - Grounded (Horns Mix) [Pickadoll]
Style of Eye - Girls (Original Mix) [Pickadoll]