Tycho toasts to the success of its recent sold-out tour by sharing a remix from Ghostly International affiliate Com Truise (pictured), along with plans for a four-month victory lap around North America and Europe. Awake is the title track from Tycho’s most recent LP, which saw the project expand from the solo electronic alias of Scott [...]
Tycho - Awake (Original Mix) [Ghostly International]
Tycho - Awake (Com Truise Remix) [Ghostly International]
Scott “Tycho” Hansen released a gorgeous music video for See this week, from his recent LP Awake. The video follows an everywoman protagonist as she attempts to navigate her way through an idyllic, enchanted forest after inexplicably regaining consciousness on the moss-covered ground. Armed only with an increasingly confounding array of [...]
After a brief hiatus, Moogfest 2014 announced its return to Asheville, North Carolina this week, in addition to its phase one lineup, offering showcases from labels like Fool’s Gold, Crew Love, and more. The festival was created to celebrate electronic music in the name of Dr. Bob Moog, the inventor of the essential Moog synthesizer. [...]
Consonants are cool, and vowels are lame. Here are five artists who agree: 1. SBTRKT – Trials of the Past Pronounced: “Subtract” Vowel-less and faceless, the masked producer has a knack for creating pop-friendly bass music that bridges the gap between the underground and mainstream. Arguably the most well-known producer without vowels [...]
SBTRKT - Trials Of The Past (Original Mix) [Young Turks]
DFRNT - The Way You Look At Me (Original Mix) [FINA]
Koreless - MTI (TWRK Remix)
HTRK - Bendin' (Original Mix) [Ghostly International]
STRFKR - Malmo (Original Mix) [Polyvinyl]
If EDM is the music of the gods, that must make Mux Mool demigod-esque. His signature trip-hop sound speaks for itself, shying away from repetitive loops and the same old flow in lieu of a more melody-driven and flavorful feel. Mux released Planet High School in February, and since then, it’s garnered acclaim throughout the vastness of [...]
Mux Mool - Night Court (Original Mix) [Ghostly International]
Mux Mool - Ruin Everything (Original Mix) [Ghostly International]
Mux Mool - Hand On The Scantron (Original Mix) [Ghostly International]
Our in-house photographer dropped me the suggestion of listening to Brookyln’s Mux Mool. I was enthralled right away, as anyone who has decent taste in experimental beatmakers would be. I must admit, it was a new listening experience for me, as most of my exposure to beat music has come from LA or Colorado, but this was certainly a [...]
Mux Mool - Flying Dreams [Ghostly International]
Mux Mool - Hypercolor ADD [Ghostly International]
If you’re a fan of electronica, then odds are you’ve heard of this man. Tycho (pictured above), who started producing music in his early 20s, has been one of the hottest electronica acts since the beginning of the summer. His ambient, natural-sounding productions are enough to send chills down your spine, or start a fire in your heart. [...]
Tycho - Hours [Ghostly International]
Tycho - Hours (Teen Daze Remix)