We’ve got a new release from Donky Pitch! We’ve come to expect good things from this talented collective of Brighton producers. On today’s docket? A new recruit of the record division, Moscow. You may know some of the names under the Donky Pitch banner from some past posts I’ve written, namely Ghost Mutt and Slugabed–two under-hyped [...]
Moscow - Waves (Original Mix) [Donky Pitch]
Moscow - Mind Shine (Original Mix) [Donky Pitch]
The amount of music Coco Bryce releases verges on the ridiculous. Polaroid Sunset is, rather fittingly, the Dutchman’s eleventh (count them) release of 2011, a staggering number that includes a debut album, four EPs, three mixtapes, two remixes, and now this single. He is the mainstay of small independent label MYOR, though if this [...]
Coco Bryce - Polaroid Sunset (Original Mix) [MYOR]
Coco Bryce - Ginormous Bliss (Original Mix) [MYOR]
Slugabed: A person who stays in bed past the time that a normal person would consider appropriate. Chances are, if you listen to EDM, you can relate to our boy Slugabed on this one; nights out at the club or just wonking out with friends to the beat seldom invite an early rise from bed. Slugabed’s beats are unique, glitchy, and melodic. [...]
Slugabed - Heck Flex [Ninja Tune]
Slugabed - Tomorrow Morning [Ninja Tune]
Slugabed - Donky Stomp [Donky Pitch]