Detroit glitch hop producer Freddy Todd is only one week away from releasing his fourth full-length album Golden Tremendous, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere of its first single, Let Me (Awesome). Described by Todd as “psycho-delicious soul splatter /// acid bass unicorn chrondor,” 2 Let Me is a glitchy, groovy, futuristic track [...]
Freddy Todd - Let Me (Awesome) (Original Mix) [Lowtemp]
You gotta love how fast this scene moves: the best producers always seem to have a neverending stream of awesome coming through the pipelines, with remixers lining up around the block. Take Stephan Jacobs for instance. I don’t think I ever go more than 2 months without hearing a dope new SJ track. His newest release, Mad Era: In the [...]
Stephan Jacobs feat Sergio Flores - Cyber Sax (Knowa Knowone Remix) [Simplify]
Stephan Jacobs - In the Vortex (Freddy Todd's Hectic Mode Mix) [Simplify]
Stephan Jacobs feat Shay Faded - Hold It Together (Dubvirus Remix) [Simplify]
Ready, Freddy? The answer is an unequivocal yes. It seems that every time Freddy Todd drops something new, it reminds me why I started listening to glitch hop and bass music in the first place–it makes you feel like a boss. Check out this sick two-track release by Mr. Todd and S.P.E.C.T.R.E. that is sure to get your head bobbing. The [...]
Freddy Todd & S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - Honey, I Crunk'd tha Kidz
Freddy Todd & S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - Space Cowboy
Simplify Recordings is on fire as of late. Between the recent Elliot Mars and Freddy Todd releases, One would think they’d be starting to run the pipelines dry. Well, Simplify Recordings is better than that. I’m pleased to say that I’m pretty happy about Elusive History too! Elusive History is ill-esha’s new 5 track EP. Full of downtempo [...]
ill-esha - Parallel Futures [Simplify]
ill-esha - Fireflies [Simplify]
ill-esha - Only Fair (Gladkill Remix) [Simplify]
It’s a big time over at Simplify. First the Freddy Todd release, now this? It’s almost too much goodness. Hailing from Alberta, Canada, 20 year-old Elliot Mars is bringing the noise with his fast-paced glitch hop glory with some drumstep peppered in. Its nice to see the genre spreading beyond its preeminent hubs in the west coast and [...]
Elliot Mars - Particle [Simplify]
LessThan3 favorite Freddy Todd is at it again! His last release, Neon Spectacle Operator, was a masterpiece of sorts in itself, and now the man is back with Painting in a Silent Eternity, a seventeen-track compilation of sound old and new. Todd has surely stepped his game up since his last release, and I’m hearing his name more and more [...]
Freddy Todd - Grip Platter [Simplify]
Freddy Todd - Thank You Later [Simplify]
Thud.. thud.. thud.. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMP!!!! If Jurassic Park were anything like Mochipet envisioned, that famous scene with the T-Rex might have sounded a lot like this. Recently, Mochipet released a new single off of his upcoming album Rawr Means I Love You. The single’s name? Whomp-A-Saurus Sex. From about fourteen seconds in, Mochipet [...]
Mochipet - Whomp-A-Saurus Sex (Original Mix) [Daly City]
Mochipet - Whomp-A-Saurus Sex (Freddy Todd Remix) [Daly City]
Mochipet - Whomp-A-Saurus Sex (Ben Samples Remix) [Daly City]
If you took ’90s video game music, the background tune from every epic movie fight ever, and some nasty dancefloor vibes and rolled them all into one, Coyote Kisses is what you would end up with. In their music, long time friends Bryce Bresnan and Joseph Sussingham attempt to find a middle ground between dubstep and glitch hop that ends [...]
Coyote Kisses - Starchaser
Coyote Kisses - Girlbreaker
Coyote Kisses - LazerSwag
You have to respect a producer with a sense of artistic direction, and Detroit-based DJ Freddy Todd is just that. His new remix of +verb’s track JerkOFF is a banger, to say the least, and Hustle Buster currently tops my list of favorite tracks. Freddy Todd finds a middle-ground between NastyNasty and Nit Grit, and with tags on his [...]
+verb - JerkOFF (Freddy Todd Remix)
Freddy Todd - Hustle Buster (Original Mix) [Simplify]