Francesco Rossi’s new single, Godspeed You, has been called an “amazing uplifting piece of balearic house music” by BBC Radio 1 host Pete Tong. The new remix by fellow Italian producer Simon De Jano might be even more inspiring, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere and free download. While the original carries a sun-soaked Ibiza [...]
Francesco Rossi feat. Ozark Henry - Godspeed You (Simon De Jano & Fraanklyn Remix) [d:vision]
Francesco Rossi’s Paper Aeroplane has quite understandably been lauded with praise since it first surfaced back in the spring. A reworking of a folk song, it has been variously described as “tune of the summer” or “track of the season”, the latter in relation to its near constant play in Ibiza this year, it’s a chilled and groovy house [...]
Francesco Rossi - Paper Aeroplane (Clock Place Remix) [D Vision]
While growing up in Tuscany, Francesco Rossi was enlivened to buy his father’s vinyl collection, inspiring him to become the admired producer that he is today. In just a few short years his melodies have captured abounding attention, and his newest creation, Paper Aeroplane was labeled as an “absolute tune” on BBC Radio 1 not once, but [...]
Francesco Rossi - Paper Aeroplane [D:vision]