Matthias Tanzmann, of Moon Harbour and Circoloco fame, steps up to the plate for the 65th Fabric with the difficult task of following up Guy Gerber’s triumph in orchestral techno. Of course, simply being selected for the acclaimed series is quite the honor, one which I’m sure Tanzmann had no gripes about. What he’s crafted is the [...]
Guido Schneider & Florian Schirmacher - In The Toilette (Philip Bader Remix) [Fabric]
Jeff Moore & Jamie Lie A Kwie - Butt (Original Mix) [Fabric]
Alexis Cabrera - Everything (Original Mix) [Fabric]
In the fast-paced world of electronic music, variety and freshness is key to staying afloat. The debut album from German producer Alex Niggemann is a testament to this school of thought. A diversity of sounds comes with time to most good musicians, but Niggemann has nailed it on his first try with Paranoid Funk. The album, out on [...]
Alex Niggemann feat Florian Schirmacher - Easy Love (Original Mix) [Poker Flat]
Alex Niggemann - That Is...!? (Original Mix) [Poker Flat]
Alex Niggemann feat Benji - Back 2 Basics (Original Mix) [Poker Flat]