A while back, I wrote about an extremely awesome EP from Lockah, hilariously entitled When You Stop Feeling Like A Weirdo & Become A Threat. This week he released a music video for Guards Red Carrera, the first single from his recently released album Only Built 4 Neon Nites. The genre is unidentifiable, but one thing is for sure–the [...]
Lockah - Guards Red Carrera (Original Mix)[Donkey Pitch]
Lockah - Let The Cool Air Breathe (Original Mix)[Donkey Pitch]
Lockah - Platinum Blonde (Original Mix)[Donkey Pitch]
We’ve got a new release from Donky Pitch! We’ve come to expect good things from this talented collective of Brighton producers. On today’s docket? A new recruit of the record division, Moscow. You may know some of the names under the Donky Pitch banner from some past posts I’ve written, namely Ghost Mutt and Slugabed–two under-hyped [...]
Moscow - Waves (Original Mix) [Donky Pitch]
Moscow - Mind Shine (Original Mix) [Donky Pitch]
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