Who says Europe has all the fun? In 2012, Felguk, the Brazilian duo consisting of Gustavo Rozenthal and Felipe Lozinsky, threw their combined hats into the ring with big-name electro producers thanks to a series of banging tracks like WOW and Nudge. They’ve been virtual ghosts production-wise in 2013, but no longer. Slice & Dice, a [...]
Felguk - Slice & Dice (Original Mix) [Dongle]
Felguk - Loudblue (Original Mix) [Dongle]
Felguk feat. Infected Mushroom - Shine On (Original Mix) [Dongle]
It really seems like the Brazilians have electro their running in their blood–Felguk, Dirtyloud and Darth & Vader have rocked us through the past few months with their massive smashers. So maybe you’ve heard of Electrixx, and maybe you haven’t. This producer duo hails from Germany but calls the land and sounds of Brazil home. If you [...]
Electrixx - Some Beats (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
Felguk - Blow Out (Electrixx Remix) [Dongle]
By now we know that Brazil is home to some serious electro superstars, and not the same kind we have over here. Eschewing the tight-laced confines of complextro stylings, it seems as if the South Americans are determined to make tracks with the biggest, baddest boom around. When Brazilian power duos Felguk and Dirtyloud teamed up, they [...]
Felguk & Dirtyloud - Nudge (Original Mix) [Dongle]
The last we heard from young Brazilians Felguk, they were breaking into the DJ Mag Top 100, and making dubstep–two unprecedented activities for two of our favorite rising EDM producers. With their stardom quickly on the rise, they’ve returned to doing a bit of what they do best: make massive house tunes. Bassive, a portmanteau of bass [...]
Felguk - Bassive (Original Mix) [Dongle]
Felguk - Jack It (Original Mix) [Dongle]
Sep 27 2011
Young Brazilian duo Felguk has been nothing but out there for the past several months, making the most of their rising stardom to get a taste of gigs and sounds from around the world. You probably know them for their massive anthem 2-nite, but if you don’t, Felguk are two young Brazilians by the name of Felipe and Gustavo who are set on [...]
Felguk & Example - Plastic Smile (Original Mix) [Dongle]
You’ve probably heard of Felguk before for their heavy-hitting progressive house and electro bangers that have repeatedly taken over Beatport charts, but the Brazilian electro-rockers aren’t stopping anytime soon, solidified by their recent release, Blow Out. Appropriately titled, Blow Out goes hard in ways that I haven’t seen from [...]
Felguk - Blow Out (Original Mix) [Dongle]
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