Attention bassheads: what if I told you that Borgore, Document One and Figure all appeared on the credits for a single track? That’s right; three epic producers from separate three countries decided to collaborate and remix on one project together. None of these names should need much introduction, so sit back and witness the result. The [...]
Borgore feat Shay - Flex (Document One Remix) [Buygore]
Borgore feat Shay - Flex (Figure Remix) [Buygore]
Borgore feat Shay - Flex (Borgore Dubstep Instrumental Mix) [Buygore]
British dubstep duo Document One has a lot to live up to, considering their origins. The Bristol-based bass group has remixed Borgore and more recently Modestep, and now they’re back with another EP after the Breakdown EP gave us all nervous breakdowns back in June. How does Document One set themselves apart from the legions of talented [...]
Document One - Rising Higher (Original Mix) [Buygore]
Document One - Locked In (Original Mix) [Buygore]
Document One - Tears (Original Mix) [Buygore]
Modestep seems to be enjoying a stint of UK stardom, and for good reason too. The guys have been doing some pretty big things, namely blurring the lines between live act and dubstep DJs. Over here in the states they’re not the most well-known group, but now is your chance to catch up and say you were ahead of the curve when before these [...]
Modestep - To the Stars (Original Mix) [Polydor]
Modestep - To The Stars (Break The Noize & The Autobots Remix) [Polydor]
Modestep - To The Stars (Document One Remix) [Polydor]
A year into the explosion of dubstep, it’s getting apparent that a lot of things have been done already. So many arrangements of face-melting bass have been mustered by countless talented minds into thousands of heavy bombs. After a year of destruction, it’s clear why the most cutting-edge sounds of the genre have taken a distinct [...]
Coyote Kisses - Acid Wølfpack
Eat your heart out Daft Punk–meet the new king of the light show. DP’s famous Pyramid has been challenged by Deadmau5’s killer tri-node LED monstrosity (See an example in the YouTube video below). Showing it off last Friday night in the spacious and intimate Hollywood Palladium, the young and impassioned crowd saw some of the most [...]
Deadmau5 - Where My Keys (Original Mix Edit) [Mau5trap]
Excision & Downlink - Reploid (Document One Remix) [Rottun]
Erick Decks - Nasty (Zedd Vocal Remix) [cRAnK]
While everyone knows that the UK is the origin of dubstep and drum’n’bass (with labels like Shogun, Hospital, and Circus calling it home, there’s no doubt), the recent years have only seen a shift of power outwards. Evol Intent is no stranger to the modern years of bass-heavy EDM, having made their name in 2008 with their acclaimed Era [...]
Evol Intent feat Jackie B - Under (Original Mix)
Evol Intent - Raw Bass Material (Original Mix)
If the raw, distorted sounds and sub-bass frequencies of Flux Pavilion and other grimy UK dubbers are just your thing, listen up. Borgore–the Israeli originator of the so-called “gorestep” subgenre–is out with a new EP. We introduced him briefly back in March, but I think it’s time for a real showcase. Inside the Delicious EP are three [...]
Borgore - Delicious (Original Mix) [Buygore]
Borgore - Gloryhole (Instrumental Mix) [Buygore]
Borgore - Someone Else's (Document One Remix) [Buygore]
Get ready to add another dubstep duo to your “must-see” list: Document One. Oxford boys Matt King and Joe Froud have found a way to bring a touch of class to a usually grimy genre, but that’s not to say they don’t like to get down and dirty when it comes to their music. Their latest EP off of talent-packed (and very underrated) Never Say [...]
Document One - Breakdown (Original Mix) [Never Say Die]
Document One - Clap (Original Mix) [Never Say Die]
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