Arguably the leading force behind trap music today, Flosstradamus have now proudly released all three of their X series EPs for free online. At first I was quite surprised to hear trap tunes inspired by hard dance, but it actually makes logical sense seeing as both trap and hardstyle hover around 150bpm and both have had MCs as a major [...]
Flosstradamus feat Tuneboy feat DJ Isaac - ITH (Original Mix)
Flosstradamus - DETAILS (Original Mix)
Flosstradamus - XTERNAL L1F3 (Original Mix)
If you keep hearing the word trap thrown around recently, it’s probably because of artists like Flosstradamus. The duo from Chicago have been tearing it up all summer, leading the way in the trap explosion by dropping kick-ass track after kick-ass track. If you’re looking for music to get a party popping, look no further. Their newest [...]
Flosstradamus - Underground Anthem (Original Mix)
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