Drum & bass fans probably won’t find this artist featured on major dnb outlets like UKF or Liquicity. This group is way too new to the scene to turn heads quite yet…or are they? Apparently not, as huge dnb label Playaz took notice of burgeoning London/Brighton duo Placid some time ago. Leave it to Playaz top dogs Hype and Pascal to [...]
Placid - Particles (Original Mix) [Playaz]
Placid - Invasion (Original Mix) [Playaz]
The original bad-boy DJ Hype and partner in crime Pascal have just dropped a very significant release on the drum’n’bass massive. While it would be impossible to qualify the most significant tunes ever released on Hype and Pascal’s Playaz label, the tunes they have sewn up for their new release are definitely close to the top of the [...]
Friction & Nu Balance - Robocop (Taxman VIP Mix) [Playaz]
DJ Hazard - Food Fight (DJ Hazard VIP Mix) [Playaz]
Original Sin & Taxman - Casino (Original Sin VIP Mix) [Playaz]
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