LT3 favorite Eco has always had a reputation for producing trance that’s just a little bit offbeat of the norm, drawing from cross-genre influences all over the place and melding them into something uniquely his own. His latest offering on Armada’s A State of Trance sublabel is no different, with three deliciously nuanced tracks in the [...]
Eco - Desert Song (Original Mix) [Armada]
Eco - Prism (Original Mix) [Armada]
Eco - The Storm (Original Mix) [Armada]
The union is complete–any holes or gaps that existed between trance and electro have now been filled by Reckless. Latvian electro trance innovator Matthew Nagle has teamed up with Dutch teenage sensation Setrise for their first epic collaboration. Both artists have been good at shaking things up a bit in the trance world, and they [...]
Setrise & Matthew Nagle - Reckless (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
Eco - People (Matthew Nagle Remix) [Tone Diary]
Like Mat Zo and Daniel Kandi, DJ Eco is another young trance DJ/producer who is making a big name for himself, aaaaaand…. he’s from the US! Don’t see that one every day! This track was featured in Armin van Buuren’s latest trance compilation A State Of Trance 2010. For those of you unaware, if you are featured on the yearly A State Of [...]
Eco feat Lira Yin - Love (Dub Mix)
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