After enduring the influx of celebrity “DJs” and artists that require cakes to be thrown for successful shows, many in the DJ world who have spent their entire lives honing their craft have become understandably upset. DJ Craze, arguably one of the greatest turntablists to ever live, has just released a video of his most recent [...]
Brazil’s golden boys Tropkillaz (pictured) teamed up with DJ Craze for Fire, a 90-BPM banger that’s sure to keep your blood flowing through the winter season. The track is a perfect fusion of Craze’s larger-than-life Miami moombah sound with Tropkillaz’s inimitable Brazilian bounce style. It’s just as easy to imagine this one serving as [...]
Tropkillaz & DJ Craze - Fire (Original Mix) [Slow Roast Records]
Trick or treat! Bro Safari is giving away his latest track Spooked with DJ Craze as a free Halloween gift! Available on his SoundCloud, the Mad Decent producer packed this jam with loads of ghostly chants, haunting lead synths, and plenty of ghetto bass. Bro Safari has put out a couple of other free treats out for us in the past few [...]
Bro Safari feat DJ Craze - Spooked (Original Mix)
Bro Safari feat Notorious B.I.G. - Scumbag (Original Mix)
Bro Safari - That A$$ (Original Mix)
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