Dutch bass music scientist Posij emerged from the lab with enormous house cats outfitted with high-energy lasers and compelled them to duel using the sounds of his latest EP, Lasercat. Our opener and title track scores the fierce initial charge with jutting bass grinds and what sounds like the oversized collar bells of the giant battle [...]
Posij - Lasercat (Original Mix) [Division]
Posij - Misfits (Original Mix) [Division]
Posij - Windforce (Original Mix) [Division]
Neosignal (aka Phace & Misanthrop) have made a very bold decision with their debut album Raum Und Zeit: at the risk of alienating their fans, the duo has crafted a piece of art very different from anything they have previously produced, almost to a fault. The first glimpse into Raum Und Zeit came one month ago with the gratifyingly [...]
Neosignal - Kein Signal (Original Mix) [Division]
Neosignal - Kosmos (Original Mix) [Division]
Neosignal - Sequenz (Original Mix) [Division]
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