If you love solid uplifting trance, then you can’t go wrong with Discover. As a veteran label on the scene, they’ve kept their style constant–uplifting and euphoric, not so much following the trend as setting it. Along the way, they attract some of the most talented new names on the scene, producers such as Christian Drost. He may not be [...]
Christian Drost - Follow Me, Follow You (Original Mix) [Discover]
This is a case where the name says it all. Power Cut, by frequent Discover contributor Matt Bowdidge and Fraction staple Phil Taylor, is the second release from fledgling label Mental Asylum Records–an effort by tech trance producer Indecent Noise to create another label home for darker and techier tracks, which are rapidly becoming a [...]
Bowdidge & Taylor - Power Cut (Original Mix) [Mental Asylum]
Bowdidge & Taylor - Power Cut (Indecent Noise Remix) [Mental Asylum]
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