Once again, another disgustingly good hit has arrived on Tim Healey’s rising label Surfer Rosa, and we are stoked to tell you about it. With a sincere appreciation for dubstep’s filthy nature, two seriously dirty maggot-munchers from Brazil known to the authorities as Dirtyloud cranked out a brutalizing remix of Tim Healey and [...]
Tim Healey vs Calvertron - Rock It Roll It (Dirtyloud Remix) [Surfer Rosa]
Hi All-Proto here. I’m currently living it up in the greatest city on earth: New York City–though I’ll be switching coasts to Cali in about 4 months. I’ve been in love with dance music my whole life, and consequently my tastes are pretty varied. You could see me post a dirty bassline dubstep track one day and an uplifting minimal house [...]
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