Auditory intoxication. Symphonic bliss. Programming madness. Just a few terms that come to mind after listening to Dirtyphonics’ latest LP Irreverence, out now on Dim Mak. Easily the French quartet’s most profound, single piece of work to date, this 10-track album will certainly go down as one of 2013’s best. Irreverence explodes [...]
Dirtyphonics feat. Modestep - Los Angeles (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]
Dirtyphonics - Prelude (Black) (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]
Dirtyphonics - Dirty (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]
No can deny that Las Vegas is rapidly becoming the dance music mecca of the US. Flying in the world’s hottest talent every week, the city that hosted this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival adores the Dirty Dutch master Chuckie. Inviting his fellow countryman Gregor Salto to work on the track What Happens In Vegas, their combined talents [...]
Chuckie & Gregor Salto - What Happens in Vegas (Club Mix) [Cr2]
Sgt Slick & Chuckie - The Bass Kicks Like This (Angger Dimas vs Chuckie Remix) [Dirty Dutch]
Chris Kaeser - Who's in the House (Chuckie Remix) [D-Tracks Industry]
In the face of dubstep’s rapid, convoluted evolution, the signature wobble seems to be getting old. Like the Dirty Dutch trumpet, a catchy in-your-face sound can only go so far before getting all used up. However, a sound that popular doesn’t just disappear; it combines with other elements of dance music to become something newer and [...]
Bar 9 vs Far East Movement - A G6 Piano Tune
Bar 9 - Shaolin Style (Nero Remix) [Z Audio]
How in the name of all that is dirty and wobbly does Skrillex from Los Angeles continue to obliterate us with his music? He first terrorized us here at LessThan3 with his unforgivable Lady Gaga remix. Next he showed off his raw skill with With You Friends. Since then, Skrillex has introduced us to his even dirtier dubstep monstrosities. [...]
Skrillex - Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Original Mix)
La Roux - In For The Kill (Skrillex Remix)
Fast Foot is every responsible parent’s worst nightmare of who their children grow up to be. Just like a malignant cancer, this Russian crew is spreading some seriously dirty electro house around the globe. Although they aren’t very well known in the west, this fact is beginning to change. Not only have they constructed an impressive [...]
Fast Foot - 8Bit World (Original Mix)
Fast Foot - Donate (Original Mix)
Caudill & Turnipseed - Detroit is Dead (Fast Foot Remix)
Not too long ago we introduced you to up and coming electro house producer Skrillex. We also linked you to a free download of his EP, My Name is Skrillex. Since then, I’ve given the EP a listen and have found it to be a solid base for the young musician. It does a great job at having the listener discover his sound – hard, rocking [...]
The Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body (Skrillex Remix)
Skrillex - F*cking Die 1
Skrillex - F*cking Die 2 (€€ Cooper Mix)
Fresh out of Boulder, Colorado comes the bangin’ electro-rock group Savoy. This underground group started back in 2004 within the dormitories of Boulder University. Originally, they aimed to be a rock n’ roll group, employing the typical electric and bass guitars, along with a drummer. However, after getting into the electro scene and [...]
Damian Marley - Welcome To Jamrock (Savoy Remix)
Savoy - Get Some Action (Live Version)
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